OK, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Losing your data sucks. I know (as does pretty much everyone else who wrote reviews).\r \r However… congratulations. There’s a good chance you’re about to get your data BACK, and at a fraction of what every other service charges. It is still painful to pay for your own carelessness, but this is the silver lining. At least you’re paying $350 and not $1000-$2000.\r \r Here’s how it works: you bring in (or mail in) your dead drive and a “”transfer drive”” (where the recovered data goes) of equal or greater size. They keep you updated via emails on their progress and if they’re not successful, you pay nothing.\r \r As for me, I was lucky and got an email saying they had recovered 99% of the sectors in my hard drive. I went home, checked the recovered data, and immediately made sure from now on there is a backup of EVERYTHING I CARE ABOUT.\r \r Special thanks to Alex, Sergio and Arthur! Now I hope we never meet again… unless it’s at a bar, in which case I will buy you a drink.