The Industry EXPERT in Data Recovery

We understand the value of your data and the importance of a quick and secure recovery. At CRNY Data Recovery, data loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the highest hard drive recovery success rate in the industry.  CRNY has a proven track record in data recovery and is in demand in NY. Because our engineering teams have decades of experience with various types of digital devices.  we always provide reliable and consistent results.

We are one of only few data recovery companies in NY with a 98% recovery success rate.

We service Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other operating systems. We also specialize in recovering data from RAID arrays and have expert recovery technicians for your invasive recovery needs.

With cost-effective service plans and short turnaround times, CRNY  has represented the ultimate value in data recovery since couple of years.

Our certified hard disk recovery experts support data recovery for all makes and brands


we can help you with following type of hard drive problems.

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
  • Platter Damage From A Head Crash
  • Software Corruption
  • smoke when you ran power to your hard drive.
  • missing  of important files
  • File Overwrites
  • Deleted Files and Partitions
  • Electrostatic Discharge Failure
  • Blue Screen
  • Physical Damage From Fire or Flood
  • and many more problems related to hard drive or data

for more details, call us at (212)361-9979 or send our team an email at, with your specific questions, and any other pertinent information, and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.