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BnyTech is an information technology company providing repair service and support in Brooklyn,Manhattan,Queens and Staten Island area. Whether you need : computer repair in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island,New York areas,virus and spyware removal,upgrades, network installation & administration, web design, hardware & software consulting, or training – we will go on-site to bring the solution to you. BnyTech is dedicated to offer the most friendly, reliable and honest service and support available anywhere to our customers.

Our technicians come to you, on your schedule, prepared to diagnose and repair any problem. We get to work so that you can get back to work! From simple upgrades to complex network installations, BnyTech is here to provide you with the best of today’s technology coupled with an old-fashioned commitment to customer satisfaction.

We work hard to earn your trust and confidence. Our philosophy is “The job is not done until the customer is completely satisfied.” With years of experience and training, we stand ready to make your computer needs a reality. Our technicians provide you with the most comprehensive on-site PC Repair and Service. BnyTech also offer Network Installation, Web Design, and many more services.



OK, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Losing your data sucks. I know (as does pretty much everyone else who wrote reviews).\r \r However… congratulations. There’s a good chance you’re about to get your data BACK,


Quick, Polite & Good Service

Sergio fixed my computer and broken computer screen in about 2 days. Seems my video chip crashed which he diagnosed immediately. I told him I had an urgent project and he gave me next day service. No more black screen. All fixed and fast too. He was kind enough to replace my broken screen as well…”on the house.” I do think the price was a little steep and their office, well, on 8th ave–it does look a little suspect. But, my computer is fixed and they guy was nice enough. This is NYC. Can’t really complain.


Best laptop repair in New York city. Period. I had a big project to do for school. I needed my laptop on Martin Luther King Jr. day in order to write my reports and what not. My mom told me that I should get my report done early so I could go out with my friends later. Well, I procrastinated as usual, but around 12 in the afternoon, my laptop literally DIED!!! I called around to see who was open on the holidays and the only people that picked up the phone was Bnytech Inc. They were GREAT, they got my computer up and running the same day. TY

Dana White